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Customized Clocks

Ideal addition to a Coaches office, weight room, locker room or anywhere!

North HS.jpg

Looking for a less expensive way to display your school spirit?


These clocks feature a large 11.5" diameter face that is custom printed with your school's brand identity.


Standard battery (1 AA, not included) operated movement includes a second hand - hand style may vary from what is pictured. 

Lackey HS.jpg

 Purchase 1 for $54.00

    2 , 3 or 4 for $45.00

         5 - 14 for  $40.00

price is per clock,

there is a one-time $45.00 set up fee per design

Guardian logo.jpg

Guardian branded clocks are being made available to all of the fine first responder people that serve our communities.

Bearing the phrase "Custodes Vitae, Semper Praesidie Omnibus" on its shield, the Guardian Eagle is silhouetted in the shape of a heart for the love it represents.

92nd SF Squad.jpg
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